Bands/Artists Memberships

Thank you for expressing interest in our visionary program. Our mission—to cultivate a sustainable music industry—requires your active involvement. Here are the exciting pathways to join our movement:

  1. Membership: By becoming a member, you unlock an array of benefits. Enjoy discounts on fuel, van and bus rentals, shuttle seats to concerts, and personalized consultations. The best part? All members receive the same perks, regardless of their artistic discipline.
  2. Tax-Deductible Contributions: For bands, membership fees are tax deductible and equivalent to the average cost of five concert tickets. These fees sustain our nonprofit, STAMP (Sustainable Touring for Artists, Musicians, and Performers), over a two-year period. Individual artists can also contribute to STAMP with tax-deductible fees—$30 per year or $50 for two years.

But wait, there’s more! 🌟 We extend a special invitation to all artists and bands: Become a Lifetime Member by investing the equivalent of one day’s pay in Planetary Transport Company. Whether it’s the earnings from a show or the proceeds from a single artwork, your contribution fuels our vision.

Imagine this: If just 15% of artists and bands nationwide embrace this opportunity, we’ll create a powerful network—one that renders petroleum obsolete.

Let’s harmonize our efforts and make sustainable touring a reality. Together, we’ll strike a chord for change! 🎶🌎