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Kicking Petroleum: Planetary Transport Company for Sustainable Touring

As we approach a new era, it’s evident that our dependence on fossil fuels is no longer viable. The planet suffers from pollution, corruption, and violence perpetuated by petroleum companies. But what if we could change the narrative? What if we could create a sustainable alternative that benefits both our environment and communities?

Enter Planetary Transport Company (PTC), the world’s first petroleum-free transportation company. Our mission? “Bringing Bands to Fans and Fans to Bands…Sustainably.” Let’s explore how PTC is revolutionizing the industry and inviting artists, musicians, and performers to join our #KickPetroleum campaign.

The Biodiesel Solution

Biodiesel—a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional diesel fuel—holds the key to a brighter future. Consider these compelling facts:

  1. Reduced Emissions: Biodiesel exhaust contains 78% less CO2, 50% fewer particulates, and a staggering 99% fewer carcinogens than petroleum exhaust. Imagine the impact if every tour bus, van, and truck ran on biodiesel!
  2. Universal Compatibility: Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine without modification. It’s a drop-in replacement that doesn’t compromise performance or reliability.

The Kick Petroleum Blueprint

Our vision extends beyond the stage. PTC’s Kick Petroleum Blueprint outlines a business model that can transform cities and college towns across North America and Europe. Here’s the plan:

  • Artists Unite: We’re calling on environmentally conscious artists to join our alliance. With just 10% of artists on board, we can establish operations in over 150 cities, making petroleum-free touring a reality coast to coast within a decade. With 20%, we’ll achieve this in just 5 years.
  • No Handouts, Just Harmony: PTC isn’t asking for donations. Instead, we seek a loan—one night of your life, one day’s work, or one day’s pay. In return, you’ll help create a better world and receive interest on your investment.
  • Concerts as Declarations: Picture this—a band produces a concert, not just for the music but as an announcement to the world that they’re kicking petroleum. Managers, promoters, stagehands—all play their part, and artists lend PTC their personal commitment.


Planetary Transportation Company is leading the way toward sustainable touring, and our commitment to environmental consciousness is our compass. If you’re interested in arranging a private charter or learning more, you can contact them via email or phone: 970-795-2590. 🌎🚌